1. How Do I create a PlanDo account?

    PlanDo is an open social network which means everyone is friends with everyone. You can sign in to PlanDo with Facebook .

  2. Do my activities get posted to Facebook and/or Twitter when I click ‘send’ on PlanDo?

    No. Your activities will not get automatically posted to Facebook or Twitter.

  3. How do I deactivate my account?

    You can delete PlanDo application from your mobile device if you no longer want to use the service. This will not however remove any content or activities you have created on PlanDo.

  4. Who sees my activities and moments when I send them to PlanDo?

    PlanDo is an open social network so every PlanDo user near you will be able to see your activities and moments.

  5. Do I have to take a picture to add an activities or/and post a moments?

    You can either take a picture with the camera, choose one from your gallery.

  6. How do I report inappropriate content I see on PlanDo?

    Every activity or comment has a button you can click to report inappropriate content.

  7. How do I delete one of my activities on PlanDo?

    You can delete your own activities on the details screen or simply remove the group chat.

For additional inquiries, please email [email protected]