When social networks were still in their infancy, there was email, forums, chat rooms, and message boards. These were the primary means of finding people with related interests and creating connections. We are aiming to reinvigorate this type of interaction by introducing a new app called PlanDo.

PlanDo is a new application that will allow users with similar interests and hobbies to connect with each other for activities that they love doing. Users can create activities and like social media apps, PlanDo will have a news feed of people’s pictures and moments. We’re combining the online and offline experience to make a social network truly social again!

How does this differ from Facebook and Meetup.com?

The main difference is that PlanDo is a fully open network where every activity and moment is public. Users will be able to explore activities and chat with other users freely to create an unprecedented level of social interaction and fun!

PlanDo uses a modern approach to crowd-source your activities on the go. Create and share your activity in under a minute and you’ll have a team ready to go in hours! We are very excited to be working on such an interesting project that brings people together, all from their mobile phones.

We’re a small and dedicated team based out of the beautiful, multicultural city of Hong Kong and are proud to be part of its vibrant startup community. As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, there’s no shortage of people looking to join you in your activities! Our simple structure allows us to make decisions and respond to your needs quickly. We’d love to hear from you, so contact us by Email, or send us a Tweet!